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Vastu Grihalakshmi: Bestows Wealth and Prosperity to your Home


Vastu Grihalakshmi

Vastu Grihalakshmi, a divine form of Goddess Lakshmi, is revered for bringing prosperity and wealth into homes. This special manifestation of the goddess is depicted standing gracefully with a cow against a plantain backdrop. She is believed to remove all Vastu doshas (architectural imbalances) in the house, ensuring a harmonious and prosperous environment. 

Significance of Goddess Grihalakshmi 

As Mahalakshmi, she embodies the immense divinity of all the gods. To householders, she is Grihalakshmi, the goddess of the home, ensuring the welfare and prosperity of its residents. To kings and statesmen, she is Rajyalakshmi, protecting both the ruler and the subjects. In many Hindu communities, the daughter-in-law is revered as Griha Lakshmi. The arrival of a daughter-in-law is believed to be auspicious and celebrated uniquely across various cultures. 

Goddess Grihalakshmi symbolizes fortune, wealth, and auspiciousness. She holds a pot of golden coins, which spill throughout the house as she enters, symbolizing the arrival of good fortune. The image often includes two plantains adorned with mango leaves and flowers at the doorway, emphasizing her auspicious entry. 

The Sixteen Types of Wealth 

In Tamil tradition, 16 types of wealth (Selvam) that flourish when Vastu Grihalakshmi is placed and worshipped in the home. These include: 

  1. Kalvi - Education 
  2. Arivu - Knowledge 
  3. Aayul - Longevity 
  4. Aatral - Dexterity 
  5. Ilamai - Youth 
  6. Thunivu - Valor 
  7. Perumai - Respect 
  8. Pon - Gold 
  9. Porul - Wealth 
  10. Pugal - Fame 
  11. Nilam - Land 
  12. Namakkal - Good progeny 
  13. Nalloolukam - Good surroundings 
  14. Noyinmai - Good health 
  15. Muyarchi - Perseverance 
  16. Vetri - Success 

Proper Placement of Grihalakshmi 

Unlike other images of Goddess Lakshmi, Vastu Grihalakshmi should not be placed in the pooja room. Instead, her image should be positioned inside the house, above the main doorway, symbolizing her entry into the home. This placement is crucial for maximizing the blessings she bestows. 

Vastu Grihalakshmi Frame

                                                        Vastu Grihalakshmi Frame

How to Worship at Home? 

  • Maintain Cleanliness: Keep your home and personal space tidy to please the goddess. 
  • Perform Lakshmi Puja: Offer food and lotus flowers, especially on Fridays, and chant her mantra “Om Griha Lakshmyai Namah” 108 times daily or weekly.       
  • Plant Tulsi: Grow a Tulsi plant and regularly light a lamp for worship. 
  • Celebrate Diwali: Conduct a special Lakshmi Puja during Diwali, offering kheer or payasam and red flowers to welcome her blessings. 

Benefits of Placing GrihaLakshmi at Home 

  • Keeping GrihaLakshmi at home will give you the wealth to buy your own house. If you are in a rented house or willing to buy you another house.  
  • Grihalakshmi brings prosperity and good luck to the house where it is kept.  
  • All the vastu doshas in the house can be dissolved or removed by placing the vastu Griha Lakshmi photo at the doorstep.  
  • The health of the people will be good if the image of the Vastu Grihalakshmi is placed above the doorstep.  
  • The education of the children in the house where the Vastu Grihalakshmi is located will be excellent. The students will have good memory power and concentration.  
  • Evil eye or Dristi will not affect the house where the Grihalakshmi is worshipped. The goddess protects the family members of the house.  

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