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Aadi Amman worship

The Tamil month of Aadi which falls between mid-July to mid-August is considered one of the auspicious months to worship the deities especially goddesses i.e. Amman. This is a very special month to worship the goddesses especially the favourite god and the family deity or the clan deity. The new moon day (Amavasya falls in the month of Aadi and is considered very auspicious to feed the ancestral souls and seek their blessings)

Why is Aadi month Special :

This month is traditionally associated with the Dakshinayanam, the moment of the towards the south. This period is considered the night for the Hindu Devas (Gods ) and Devathas(Godesses). It is said that the forces of darkness, negativity and evil powers get stronger during this period.

The powers of the Deities especially the Goddesses are said to get weaker due to the effect of the darkness. To overcome the effects of negativity getting stronger, during this period special Homams, rituals, Vedic chants and different prayers are performed to energise the deities and bring positivity and destroy the evil forces.

Worshipping of Amman during this period is said to bring an abundance of blessings and power to the worshipper who is chanting the Vedic mantras and prayers. Visiting the temples of the favourite deities, Amman and the family deity is considered very special.

Special days in the month of Aadi and the method of worship:

Usually, the entire month of Aadi is considered very auspicious to worship the deities. However, the Tuesdays, Fridays, Aadi pooram, aadi perukku, new moon and the full moon days that fall in the month of Aadi are much more beneficial.

At Amman temples, the kuthu vilakku( lamp with five sides ) pooja is held in temples throughout Tamil Nadu. The female members of the family gather together and offer various chantings and prayers to the goddesses at home and at temples.

In the kuthu vilakku poojai the lamp is considered to be the Amman- Goddesses. The Goddesses are invoked in the lamp and different names of the goddesses are chanted to please her and seek her blessings.

The members of the family visit the family deity or the temples of the goddess and worship by offering neivaithiyam, flowers, lamps, incense sticks and other materials that are special to the Deity.

Worship the Amman(Godesses ) in the month of Aadi and get the divine blessings of her and live a happy healthy, wealthy and a peaceful life

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