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Aadi Perrukku 2023

Aadi Perukku falls on 3 rd of August 2023

Aadi Perukku is a monsoon festival that is celebrated in the Tamil month of Aadi, usually, it falls on the 18 day in the Tamil month of Aadi in August. The women in tamil nadu celebrate this festival by preparing traditional dishes and offering them to the water bodies like Rivers and lakes that help in growing the crop and in harvesting with carries deep cultural and religious significance in Tamil Nadu, India.


Significance of Aadi Perukku :

The fourth month in the Tamil calendar is Aadi, this is a time when heavy monsoon rains swell the rivers and water bodies. The water hence rejuvenates the land and supports agricultural activities.

Aadi Perukku, also known as Aadi 18 or Aadi Pathinettu signifies an increase or multiplication of water sources that symbolises the abundance of water and the blessings it brings. To express gratitude and also seek divine blessings people gather near the water bodies and offer special rituals and prayers to the river goddess Kaveri.


Celebration of Aadi perukku :

Women celebrate this day with lots of devotion since it is a very auspicious day. They start the day with a holy dip in the morning and prepare traditional rice-based dishes and offer it to the deities.
The women engage in vibrant folk dances like "Kummi" and "Kolattam," expressing joy and thankfulness for the life-sustaining properties of water. Ceremonial baths in the rivers or water bodies are also common during Aadi Perukku, as they are believed to purify the soul and wash away sins.

Aadi Perukku's celebration extends beyond revelling in nature's bounty; it serves as a reminder of the need for water conservation and environmental protection. In the face of growing challenges of water scarcity and climate change, the festival underscores the importance of respecting and preserving this invaluable natural resource.
With vibrant colours, music, and cultural events, Aadi Perukku epitomizes the joyous spirit of Tamil culture, emphasizing gratitude, hope, and reverence for nature. The festival exemplifies Tamil Nadu's rich heritage and traditions, fostering a sense of community and unity as people come together to celebrate the blessings of life-giving water and the promise of prosperity in the year ahead.

Benefits of celebrating Aadi perukku :

  • Aadi Perukku's worship ensures abundant rainfall and a successful harvest, promoting agricultural prosperity.
  • Devotees express thankfulness for water's life-giving properties, fostering a spiritual connection with nature.
  • The festival unites communities through celebrations and communal meals, strengthening social ties.
  • Ceremonial baths purify the soul and offer a sense of renewal.
  • Aadi Perukku raises awareness about water conservation and environmental protection.
  • The festival preserves and promotes Tamil cultural customs and rituals.
  • Participation in joyous festivities brings happiness and contentment.

Worshipping fulfils devotees' faith, seeking blessings for their well-being and families.

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