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Attain the Consciousness - Worship Karungali Panchamukha Vinayagar

ganesha karungali

Karungali Panchamukha Vinayagar 

Karungali is the most powerful wood that can attract electrical radiations, lightning, and other different vibrations into itself and emit divine positive vibrations. Lord Ganesha is the first and foremost god who is worshipped at the beginning of any new thing that we start. He is believed to eliminate the obstacles in life.

Karungali Pancha Mukha Ganesha is the incarnation of the Lord Ganesha with Five faces. The five faces in the Panchamukha Ganesha represent and symbolizes the Annamaya kosha the flesh body made of matter, Pranamaya kosha which is the breath body or energy body, Manomayakosha represents the mental body, Vighnnamayakosha the body of the Upper Consciousness, Anandamayakosha the body of Cosmic Bless.

Karungali is a powerful wood that has both spiritual and medicinal properties. It has the capacity to absorb the cosmic rays and emits all positive rays and vibrations. The Pancha Mukha Ganesha is made by using the powdered wood of the karungali tree. The idol is beautifully molded and cast to give a perfect look to the statue.

Significance of worshipping karungali Panchamugha Ganesha 

Karungali Panchamukha Ganesha is sure to absorb all the negative vibrations in the surroundings and spread a positive divine vibration in the atmosphere.

Worshipping Karungali Ganesha will increase the chances of your good spell coming true.

Worshipping Panchamugha karungali Ganesha regularly will increase the flow of wealth, and worldly pleasures in life.

Karungali Panchmugha Ganesha has to be kept such that it is facing east at home or office to ward off the evil forces.

Worshipping The Panchamugha Ganesha will attain sat- chit- Anand the pure cosmic consciousness.

Panchamukha Ganesha has to be worshipped to regulate the five senses to live a peaceful life.

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