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To Get showers of wealth - worship Kubera Lakshmi

Do you want an abundance of wealth in your house? Do you want to run your business with great profit?

Kubera is considered to be the richest Hindu god in the world. Lord Kubera is the Lord who gave money and riches to lord Venkatesha Perumal for his marriage. Lord Venkatesh Perumal is said to be repaying his debts even though not through the donations that his devotees put as offerings.

Significance of worshipping lord Lakshmi Kubera:

Kubera Lakshmi worship is sure to bring auspiciousness and happiness in the family. If one worships lord Lakshmi Kubera with utmost devotion by following the rituals one can attain great wealth and richness in life.

Where should one install the photo of Lakshmi Kubera?

The picture of Kubera Lakshmi has to be placed in the prayer room of the house with lamps on both sides. 

When should the lord Lakshmi Kubera be worshipped?

Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to worship the Lord. Thursday evening is very special to perform poojas and Archana to the lord Lakshmi Kubera. Also  by offering prayers on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to Kubera Lakshmi's image, one can get all the luxuries and prosper in life.

Light lamps to the lord and Grains have to be placed on a banana leaf in front of the Kubera Lakshmi. Put a kalasam full of water in the middle and turmeric in it, insert the mango, and place the coconut on it. Now apply turmeric and kumkum to the coconut and decorate it with flowers.

Now Ganesha mantra is chanted first and  Mahalakshmi mantras be worshipped with a lotus flower. When Kubera Lakshmi is worshipped with the image, it is necessary to offer naivedyam like sweets and milk payasam.

Coins should be kept as Dakshanai during pooja. The coins must be taken after the puja and kept in a jewelry box or money box.


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Benefits of worshipping Lord Kubera Lakshmi

Bring home the photo of the showerer of wealth and worship it regularly to get the blessings from the lord.

Fasting on specific Thursdays and offering poojas to the lord will remove the debts and loans.

Money will always shower lavishly in the houses where the lord is worshipped with utmost devotion. 

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