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Endless power of Spadiga Lingam

Spadiga lingam is a semi-precious natural Crystal that is the form of a lingam. Spadiga crystals are naturally available and are a miracle of nature. Hindus worship and perform abishekam to the spadiga crystal lingam with holy things like milk, water and vibudhi and offer prayers to the Lord to live a peaceful life.

The spadiga lingam dispels all the curses and the negative karmas of the past and the present. One has to chant the shiva panchakshara mantra 108 times and offer puja to the spadiga lingam. Doing so will increase the power and spiritual energy of the devotee.

The spadiga lingam protects and reduces the malefic effects due to the planetary positions in the horoscope. The spadiga lingam is a very auspicious thing that has the power to give away any boon. Praying to  Spadiga lingam connects your soul to the lord ,one can feel the lord in himself.  The crystal spadiga lingam brings happiness and prosperity.

Spadiga  lingam removes all negative energies and thoughts from the surroundings and makes one successful and happy. The spadia lingam improves a spiritual awekening of a person and shows the way of mukti. Spadiga lingam can be placed at home, office, factories and paces of business where you have to see growth in life.

One can energise the spadiga lingam by chanting mantras and offering prayers to the lord Shiva.

Benefits of spadiga lingam:

Spadiga lingam dispels the negative thoughts and vibrations from the surroundings and the environment.

One can become wealthier and happy by worshipping the spadiga lingam.

Spadiga has the power to control blood pressure and heart related problems.

It removes the misfortunes in life and brings good luck and success to live a happy life.

Spadiga lingam brings peace of mind by getting rid of anxiety, restlessness, depression, and instability of mind.

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