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Spadiga mala - The wonder healer

Spadiga is a semi-precious gemstone that has many miracle spiritual healing properties. It is the aspect of energy that is obtained from the earth. It is said that the rock that is formed by frozen water deep inside the earth becomes clear crystal rock that is obtained and cut into small balls and the holes are drilled into it such that there are no smoke and black shades in it.

How to test the originality of a Spadiga bead.

The originality of the spadiga bead can be found by putting it inside the water.  If the beads are not visible then they are original beads, they become crystal clear in water. The bead looks like a drop of water. When exposed to sunlight spectrum is formed and if they are rubbed against each other one can see a spark.

The specialty of the Spadiga bead:

Spadiga bead has the capacity to absorb light, magnetic force, and other radiations and emit divine waves. The person wearing the sapdiga garland will not be affected by any harmful radiation.  The good waves are emitted from the spadiga crystals that are absorbed by the person wearing them.

It gives a dive grace and increases the spiritual powers of the individual wearing it. one can get clear knowledge, decisive thoughts, peace of mind, and clarity.

Anybody can wear a spadiga mala to reap the maximum benefits from it.

Such a wonderful spadiga mala can be gifted to your friends and family members.

Benefits of wearing Spadiga mala.

Spadiga mala removes the excess heat from the body and keeps the mind calm.

Students wearing this spadiga mala will have clear thoughts and minds to study well and understand the concepts well. Hence get a good score in exams.

Childless couples can wear this spadiga mala and be blessed with a child. Spadiga removes the excess heat from the body and facilitates proper secretion of the hormones in the body.

Evil eye dristi problems can be dispeled by wearing a spadiga mala.

Sapdiga mala can be kept in the pooja room and special prayers and mantras are chanted to energize the spadiga mala. Energized spadiga mala can be worn to get maximum benefits.

The spadiga mala has the power to influence the effect of planets on human beings.

One should remove the spadiga mala before going to bed and wear it in the morning after having a clean bath.


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