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Sweep the success defeat the enemies

Worship Lord Murugan

Lord Murugan is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi after lord Ganesha. Lord Murugan is worshipped worldwide with many names  Subramanya, Arumugam, Kumaraswamy Shanmugam, Skanda and many more. He is worshipped as Lord Murugan in South India.

 Lord Murugan is the lord of war and victory over the evils and demons.

Lord Murugan is the embodiment of  Strength, the Power of Wisdom, Power, Safety, Protector of Humanity, chief of all Divine forces, and many others. Lord Murugan have different gestures. 

Significance of keeping lord Murugan statue?

Lord Murugan is the Lord of victory, worshipping him will surely give you success in life. Worshipping the Lord Murugan idol at home will bring prosperity and happiness at home.

There is positivity in the place where the idol is placed the negative forces and thoughts are dispelled.

Chanting and listening to the mantras and songs of the Lord Murugan will relax the mind and will relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Fasting on occasions that are special for the lord will increase the value of life. Kanda Shashti, panguni uttiram,vaikasi visakam, Thai poosam, aadi kirthigai, Thiru karthigai, Chitra pournami and many others

What are the special days to worship Lord Murugan?

Worshipping Lord Muruga on special occasions and festivals is a great way to seek the blessings of the lord  

Kanda Shashti is one of the main festivals that is celebrated during the month of Karthigai. Shasti day is very special for Lord Murugan, fasting on the day of Shashti and offering naivedyam to the lord Murugan idol will please the Lord and your prayers will come true.

Panguni uttiram is the day that falls on a pournami day in the taml month panguni with uttitram star. People perform fasting to get married.

Vaikasi visakam is the vaisakam star day in the tamil month of vaikasi. Te lord Murugan is also called the Visagan.

Thai poosam falls on the poosam nakshatra day in the Tamil month of Thai.

Aadi Kirthigai falls on the Kirthigai nakshatra day in the Tamil month of Aadi.

 Thiru Karthigai is celebrated in the Tamil month Karthigai

 Chitra Pournami is celebrated on a pourmani day in the Tamil month of Chitra.

It is good to worship the lord on these special occasions and perform fasting to get the complete grace and blessings of Lord Murugan.

Can I keep the Lord Murugan statue idol at home?

Yes, the idol of Lord Murugan can be placed at home, offices, factories, temples, restaurants, colleges, schools and for decorating your places in Hindu religion and other places.

Worshipping Lord Murugan will bring happiness, prosperity, health and wealth in life.

Where can I buy the Murugan idol statue?

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