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Remove Boori Nazar - Use Kandristi Yantra


All humans want to live happy and peaceful life. But in most situations even if there is good wealth it is not possible to live a happy and peaceful healthy life. People could face lots of trouble and problems in both personal ad professional life. Good profitable business could suddenly drop down to zero and one could face bankruptcy. Some people could face the loss of family members or loved ones. Intelligent students may sometimes behave in the worst manner and could get into bad friendships. There could be evil spirits and black magic that could 

All these problems are caused by the evil eye Drishti (Boori Nazar). Kan Drishti has the power to topple a good life into a bad one.

What are the bad effects of Bad Kandrishti?

Unexplained stress, anxiety and depression are mainly caused due to 

Kandrishti (Boori Nazar) can be removed and problems can be solved in life - by using the powerful Kandristi yantra. Kan Drishti yantra is a powerful spiritual tool that has the power to remove Bad Dristi and its ill effects. All the negative thoughts are forces are destroyed by using kan dristi yantra. 

Significance of Kandristi yantra 

A powerful energized Kandristi yantra has the power to chase away evil forces.

 The Kandristi yantra has to be placed on the top of the front door outside the house/ office or factories. Any evil power or Kandristi will be removed and the problems in the house will be rectified.

It is good to buy Kandristi yantra which is written perfectly on the correct metal that is energized by chanting mantras in an accurate way for a certain number of days.

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Benefits of using Kandristi yantra (Boori Nazar yantra)

  • There will be health, wealth and happiness where the Kandristi yantra is placed.
  •  The income of the family will be good and everybody in the house will live in harmony.
  • The relationship between husband, wife and children will be good in the place where the kandristi yantra is placed.
  • Students will study well and excel in academics.
  • Negative and evil forces will be destroyed completely.

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