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Worship Shri Chakra yantra  

Everyone craves to live a happy peaceful and prosperous life with abundant wealth and good health. But due to fate and the planetary positions in the horoscope, many suffer from various problems and difficulties in life.

Despite all these sufferings and pain in life, is there any way to recover from the pains of life and lead a happy life? Is there anything on earth that can give you good luck?

Yes,  the solution for all your pains and sufferings is the Sri Chakra yantra. Sri chakra yantra can bestow good luck in life. It is so powerful that worshipping the Sri Chakra yantra regularly with utmost devotion, will remove all the problems in life and bring fortune in life.

Sri Chakra Yantra is the raja yantra is a complete package that is very powerful to solve all your problems in life. It is believed that all the Hindu deities reside in the Sri Chakra yantra and give blessings to those who worship it.

How to worship the Sri Chakra yantra?

Sri chakra yantra is one of the most auspicious things on this earth. One who is worshipping it should have a clean bath along with a clean mind. One should not think about any evil and negative thoughts should not arise.

The Sri Chakra yantra has to be kept in the pooja room, a small Sri Chakra can be kept in the purse.

Chant Sri Chakra yantra mantras and offer poojas and prayers to get power and peace of mind.

At least offering 15 minutes of pooja every day will energize the powerful Sri chakra to grant all the boons you desire.

Offer a glass of milk along with honey and edible karpooram as neivaidhiyam.

Benefits of worshiping Sri Chakra Yantra :


Worshipping Sri chakra will fulfil your desires in life. The creator gets the connection to know the deepest desires of an individual through the means of the Sri Chakra yantra.

By worshipping Sri chakra one can understand the true purpose of birth and life. People wandering in many paths of life can worship Sri Chakra to get the actual meaning of life.

It grants a boon of healthy and long life since there are many deities residing in Sri chakra who can bestow the boon of a healthy life.

It resolves all the issues and difficulties in both personal and professional life.

Sri Chakra is so powerful it can remove the negative forces and evil power from your mind and your surroundings.

Can burn your ego that is stopping you from attaining success in life and make you powerful.

Worshipping the Sri Chakra regularly will remove malefic effects of the planetary positions in the personal horoscope.

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