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Kala Bhairava  - The Powerful incarnation of Lord Shiva


Kala Bhairava is a powerful incarnation of Lord Shiva. The legend narrates that when Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu argued over supremacy lord Shiva intervened, Lord Vishnu gave up but Lord Brahma did not agree and kept on arguing with ego.

Anguished by the act of Lord Brahma act lord Shiva took the form of Kala Bhairav along with a dog as his vehicle and cut off Lord Brahma's fifth head to remove his ego.

Significance of worshipping Kalabhairav

Kala bhairavar bestows wealth and prosperity to the person who is worshipping him with complete surrender and belief.

If Kalabhairav is worshipped on all Sundays between 4 pm and 6 pm in the evening. It is the Rahu Kala period worshipping the Lord at this time that will fulfil all your wishes and the difficulties will disappear.

One can perform Japa by reciting the names of the lord with the help of Karungali beads, and spadiga crystal beads. 

Benefits of worshipping Kalabhairav

  1. Worshiping Kalabhairava brings good times to those suffering from bad times.
  2. Evil eye dristi (boori Nazar) will not be near the person worshipping Lord  Kalabhairav.
  3. all kinds of black magic witchcraft, voodoo and others will be destroyed by the power of the lord.
  4. Placing a picture of Lord Kalabhairav on the top of the front door, the evil spirits and negative powers will not enter the house.
  5. Lighting the lamp to the lord Kala Bhairav will make your wish come true.
  6. people suffering from poverty can become wealthy if there is the grace of the lord Kala Bhairav.
  7. Lord Kalabairav removes the fear of untimely death and accidents.

The power of the lord is immense and one can seek the blessings of the lord by utmost devotion towards the lord.

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