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Vastu yantra to Remove the Vastu doshas from home / workplace




Every human being on this earth wants to live a life with happiness and health, peacefully at home.  But in some situations the peace and harmony in the house is disturbed and there are  quarrels and misunderstandings  between members in the family or there could be  sickness and health in the family members . The reason for the sickness or the misunderstanding is not known and is uncertain. How can all these problems be rectified to  lead a happy life?

Sudden unknown cause of  sickness or misunderstanding could be due to vastu dosha at home. 

Industry shutdown and business losses are also caused  due to the  vastu doshas in the industry and offices.

What has to be done to remove the  vastu doshas?

Vastu doshas at home or at office can adversely affect the  development of an individual or a business. Vastu yantras are powerful drawings that are inscripted in copper plates and are energised by special mantras.

These special powerful yantras that can remove the negative and evil forces that are disturbing the harmony in the house. The architectural defects and the negative waves caused due to these defects are neutralised by the vastu yantra.

Significance of the Vastu yantra 

Placing the Vastu yantra in the home or office will neutralise the negative effects and impact of the architectural defects and other vastu dosha. 

The negative and evil forces and the evil eye dristhi are removed by placing the vastu yantra.

The vastu yantra can bring about harmony and peace in the house. It can bring about love, care and affection between the family members. 

People suffering from sickness and diseases can also get well and live a peaceful life, if the Vastu yantra is used in the house.

The flow of wealth and the happiness is certain.

Problems like unemployment, delay in marriage,  childlessness, health issues and many other problems are rectified by using the vastu yantra.

Where should the vastu yantra be placed and in Which direction?

It is auspicious to place the vastu yantra in an area where the yantra gets the sunlight. It is said that the yantra gets energised when some amount of sunlight falls on it. The power of the yantra increases when the sunlight falls over the yantra and its effectiveness increases.

Usually, the northeast direction is the best place to install the Vastu yantra since this direction is considered to be the direction for the worship of deities. If there is no space in the northeast direction, the south east direction is also considered a good place to keep the vastu yantra.

Benefits of using Vastu yantra 

One can witness great positive changes in life.

There will be an optimistic approach towards life.

One becomes wealthy and there is flow of money in the house.

Family problems like unemployment, delay in marriage, childlessness can be rectified by using the vastu yantra.

The negative and evil forces that are arising from the architectural defects can be reduced and neutralised by using the vastu yantra.

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