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The endless powers of a sacred Trishul: weapon of lord Shiva and Shakthi

Lord shiva

The endless  powers of a sacred Trishul: weapon of lord Shiva and Shakthi

Trishool is a powerful weapon of lord shiva and goddesses shakthi that destroys the evil powers 

and demons. Lord shiva and shakti holds the trishul in their hands and  guard the universe

The three parts pointed upwards of a trishul are said to destroy illusions, desires and ignorance. The Trishul is a weapon of Lord Shiva and the forms of goddesses Shakthi like Kali, Durga, Parashakti and the other incarnations of goddesses Shakthi.

The three parts of the trishul represent the thirumoorthys, the middle part is lord Shiva, the left part is lord Vishnu and the right part represents lord Brahma.

The immense power of trishul and its significance:

The trishul contains the entire power of the universe, the thirumoorthy along with other deities are said to reside in the trishul and bless the devotees.

It is said that having a trishul at home and worshipping it gives the power of all the dieties. 

It protects the devotees from being away from evil powers and thoughts.

The trishul is the symbol of power and gives protection to the devotees and saves them from destruction.

Worship of truishul removes poverty and increases wealth.

Trishul is so powerful that it has been used as an protective weapon since ages.

The benefits of keeping trishul at home :

Trishul is the powerful weapon that has the power to remove the negative energies and thoughts from mind and body.

Worshiping a trishul is a very auspicious thing because all goods will be there to those who believe in god and worship the almighty..

Boori nazar - kan dristi is removed by the powers of the trishul. And hence there is always upward positive thrust in business and career .

Trishul brings glory and fame to the place where it is worshiped.

Trishul can be kept in  homes, offices, and places of worship to get the blessings of goddesses Parvathi and lord Shiva.

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