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The unleashing powers of Samayapurm Mariyamman

 The unleashing powers of Samayapurm Mariyamman

The goddess Samayapuram Mariyamman is said to have incarnations of goddesses Shakthi  to remove drought and famine and bring Maari-which means rain. Amman has the power to cure any kind of disease and any kind of illness for devotees who surrender to her.

Samayapuram mariyamman is seated in a position with four arms holding weapons and equipment and with a crown with flame that is shining upward. She has three powerful eyes and is blessing her devotees with her powers.

Millions of devotees visit this place Samayapura to perform pooja and offer sweet Pongal or neivaidhiya prasadam and seek the blessings of the almighty. worship the Samayapura Mariyamman and worship her.  Devotees from all over Tamil nadu worship the goddess to seek the blessings of timely monsoon for better growth of crops and water for irrigation. Mariyamman isespecially worshipped to cure diseases like measles and chickenpox. 

Mariyyamman is so powerful that all the evil powers and negative energies are neutralised  and positivity prevails in the place where she is worshipped. Goddess is  the bestower of wealth,  one who worships amman with utmost devotion is blessed with great fortune and wealth.

It is good to worship samayapuram Mariyamman at home to seek her blessings and become successful in life.

Great Powers of the goddess and worship:

Mariamman is worshipped popularly to bring good monsoon and seasonal rain that is best to grow seasonal crops.

There is strong belief that  Samayapuram Mariyamman  cures pox and measles. Neem leaves are offered to the goddesses to please her and cure the diseases.

How and when to worship:

Mariyamman is worshipped in many parts of Tamil nadu especially on tuesday and fridays  to remove the sins that are committed by individuals. The month of aadi is very auspicious for worshipping goddesses and to seek her blessings.

Mavillakku is lit and ragi kool that is favourite is offered to the goddesses to please her and get her showers of blessings.

Place a kalasham and bring in the goddesses to your home.

Benefits of worshipping  samayapuram mariamman:

Samayyapuram mariyamman blesses women with sumangali bhagyam and life full of auspiciousness. 

It is believed that worshipping goddesses cures the incurable measles,  fever and pox. The neem is offered to the goddesses and is used for the treatment.

Unmarried young women in the marriage age group can light the lamp with ghee to the goddess and get the blessings of a happy successful marriage.

Childless couples get the boon of children with the blessings of the goddess.

All the evil powers, negative forces like witchcraft, voodoo and others are nullified by the power of the goddesses. 


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