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Why is copper considered a divine metal ?


Why is copper considered a divine metal ?

Copper is the symbol of  auspiciousness and is in divine places like  temple towers, idols, vessels, amulets, dollars and many more articles that are being used in day to day life.

Our ancestors understood the power of the copper metal and its  benefits  on the human body and started using it. The copper metal is said to have many properties that do good for humans, for instance it has the capacity to cool down the body heat and kill the germs in the water.Copper statues and articles will help you in  good business growth and make it a profitable one by the power of attraction.

Benefits of copper 

  • Copper is naturally  antimicrobial in nature and hence the germs in the water are destroyed and the water becomes drinkable.
  • Wearing a copper dollar or ring protects us from the microbes and disease causing organisms.
  • Copper has the power to attract positivity and wealth. One can use copper to become wealthier and powerful in society.
  • Students using copper idols and amulets will get good knowledge, memory, intellectual powers  and other smarter skills to crack the difficulties in education.
  • Copper vessel theertham is very powerful, Since copper purifies the water the temple teerthams are served using copper vessels and spoons. The water drunk with copper vessels are energised with powerful minerals and nutrients that are good for humans.
  • Copper  was used to make armor, weapons, etc. needed for war.  Due to the durability and strength in the copper metals.
  • The copper weapons and armors gave power and  stamina to  the soldiers  and the heat in the body was cooled down to stay alert and to fight better wars.
  • Copper helps in reducing obesity, using copper vessels for drinking and eating helps in burning the excess stored fat that is accumulated in the body. Aids in weight loss through fat burning.
  • Copper charged water can dissolve fat in the body for those  people with obesity problems.
  • It prevents ageing and keeps the skin shiny and glowing.
  • One can get good relief for problems like arthritis and thyroid related problems by using copper charged water.
  • Increases the strength and improves the chance of consumption. The copper has the power to create healthy sperms in the body with good vitality in the husband and also the relationship with the wife. And hence there is a chance of having a beautiful, intelligent child.
  • Copper is able to create positive vibrations, one's actions will be successful without obstacles. 

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