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Friday pooja - how to invoke Grihalakshmi and bring her home

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Friday pooja

Friday is  an auspicious day to worship amman, the tridevis Durga, Saraswathi and lakshmi can be worshipped on fridays. Friday is a very special day to worship goddess Lakshmi since she is the bestower of wealth. Lakshmi has to be invoked and worshipped to get the complete grace and blessings from goddesses Lakshmi.

One of the  forms of Lakshmi  is the Grihalakshmi that is least known by individuals, but very powerful. GrihaLakshmi has to be invoked to welcome the goddess Lakshmi and invite her to the home we live in.

After bringing her into the house we have to install the MahaLakshmi in the pooja room to continuously get her grace and blessings.

How to Invoke goddess GrihaLakshmi:

It is very strongly believed that the goddess Lakshmi resides in a place that is neat and tidy. She loves cleanliness and is pleased with clean things. Hence it is important to clean the house and maintain it neat to attract the Goddess and to continuously get her grace.

Take a holy bath and wear a neat dress, prepare the lamps, decorate with flowers , apply turmeric, kumkum and start the process.

It is also auspicious to decorate the entrance at the door step with mango leaves and plantain cutting.

Goddesses GrihaLakshmi believed to enter the house from the entrance of the house. And hence the photo of the goddesses Grihalakshmi has to be placed at the entrance near the doorstep first.

 Now the door step has to be decorated with turmeric and kumkum along with flowers. Take 108 coins of any desired metal and offer it one by one  pooja to the goddesses Lakshmi by chanting the mantras “Om Grihalakshmiye namaha ”  and “ Om MahaLakshmiye namaha”. 

After invoking the goddess it is now time to invite her into the house, sprinkle flowers and the coins into the house till the pooja room and invite her. By doing so it is said that the goddesses are said to enter the house.  Now offer prayers to MahaLakshmi that is placed in the pooja room by chanting the Mahalakshmi mantras and stotras.

The photo of GrihaLakshmi has to be placed at the doorstep inside the house such that it seems like the Goddesses  has entered the house and is coming inside.

The coins that were sprinkled throughout the house can be later collected and used to chant the ashtottara namavali of the Goddesses Lakshmi. And offer her prayers by chanting the 108 names of the goddesses.

Reciting the 108 names of the goddess Laksmi helps in removing the negative energy in the house and filling the space with positivity. It is powerful to remove the evils forces from the house that is stopping the flow of wealth into the house.

In this way the goddesses Grihalakshmi is Invoked and bestows the blessing to the entire family to live a wealthy,  healthy, happy and a prosperous life.

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