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Benefits of worshipping lord Murugan on a tuesday


Benefits of worshipping lord Murugan on a tuesday

 Lord Murugan is a powerful Hindu deity who is the son of lord Shiva and goddesses Parvathi. Lord Murugan is the younger brother of lord Ganesha. Lord Muruga is most popularly known as the Tamil god who is worshipped by many tamilians all over the world. Lord Murugan is also  worshipped throughout India and also other parts of the world. Lord Murugan is worshipped as the Kula Deivam, the family deity.  Lord Muruga is called by many names like Shanmuga, Kanda, Kathirvela, Dhandayuthapani, Karthikeya, Subramanya and many others.

Why are tuesdays very special for Lord Murugan worship

Tuesdays are very auspicious to worship lord Murugan. Put star kolam in front of the house in the morning and invite lord Murugan to your house. Clean the house one day before tuesday and decorate the photo or idol of lord murugan with flowers and garlands.

Offer Naivedyam that includes Panchamrutham, sweets and other that is favourite for the lord

Worshipping lord murugan on tuesdays will reduce the malefics effects of planet mars in the horoscope of people and give relief from the troubles of life.

If possible take viratham and perform fasting without eating anything or eating minimal things like fruits and milk. 

Visit the nearest murugan temple and surrender to the lord and seek his blessings.

The Immense power of Karungali Vel and Karungali murugan worship

Karungali is a powerful tree that has many medicinal properties and astrological significance to make changes in the lives of individuals. Karungali has the power to attract the electrical radiations and waves from the space and our surrounding environment. 

Karungali Vel is so powerful to remove all the evil powers around it and hence there will be no harm to anyone surrounding it.

All the enemies will be destroyed and there will be growth in business.

Karungali Vel  can be placed anywhere in the puja room of the house, office, factory and other places of business..

Wake up every morning before sunrise, take a bath and worship the powerful Karungali Vel.

The benefits of worshipping the Karungali Vel five minutes everyday is immeasurable.

If Karungali Vel is worshipped at home, it removes mental fear and gives courage and increases eloquence.

Karungali  has the power to block negative thoughts.

It is significant to remove evil eye drishti and doshas.

When worshipping Karungali Vel at home, no infectious disease will approach.

Buy such powerful karungali vel, Karungali Murugan statue , Karungali maala, Karungali stick and other karungali products and energise your body, mind and your surroundings.


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