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Immense Power of Karungali Vinayagar

ganesha Karungali

Karungali Vinayagar

Vinayagar or Ganesha is the main deity who is worshipped by all Hindus before starting any new venture or any new auspicious event like marriage, poojas,  new business, inaugurations and almost many more. 

Lord Vinayagar is the elder son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Devi and the elder brother of Lord Muruga.

It is said that Vinayagar is the God who blesses with prosperity and happiness in life. Lord Vinayagar brings good luck and fortune. The statues of the Ganesha idol have high demand all around the world, especially the Karungali Vinayagar has a  special demand.


What is Karungali?

Karungali is one of the powerful trees that exhibit miraculous properties that are a mystery to humankind till now. The Karungali or ebony wood has natural properties to absorb electromagnetic radiations and other waves. The karungali has the ability to spread positive and create a powerful aura to the people around it.

Significance of Karungali Vinayagar:

Karungali Ganesha will remove the obstacles in life and any new venture that is started by offering prayers to Karungali Ganesha will remove the hindrances and gives sure success.

Karungali Ganesha attracts wealth and helps you retain it. Placing Karungali vinayagar at home and at office is sure to bring wealth from lord Kubera. One can become rich by praying karungali Vinayagar.

The students who worship Karungali Vinayagar are sure to get good memory, intellectual and accquire good knowledge.

Karungali vinayagar removes the negative vibrations and evil powers in the house and spreads positive vibrations all around and in mind.

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