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Super Powers of Karungali Vel



Karungali Vel

Karungali is one of the powerful trees that exhibit miraculous properties that are a mystery to human kind till now. The Karungali or ebony wood has natural properties to absorb the the electromagnetic radiations and other waves.

Vel is the powerful weapon of lord Muruga that destroyed soorapadman and many demons and asuras who were giving trouble  to the saints, gods and innocent creatures. The powerful vel was given to lord Muruga by his mother goddess shakthi to kill the demon Soorapadman. 

The power of karungali vel is immense and is sure to bring prosperity in life by removing evil and negative forces in life. Bringing home Karungali vel home and offering pooja to it will bring good changes in life. The health, wealth and happiness in the family will gradually increase.

significance of karungali vel 

Astrologically it is related to the planet mars and one who has malefic effects on the planet mars can worship karungali vel by placing it in the pooja room to reduce the ill effects of the planet Mars. Provides physical strength to the person worshipping it.

Karungali vel has to is used in divine poojas and offerings can be done to the divine Vel. Karungali has the capacity to absorb electric radiations and pass on positive vibrations.

Increases the vakku siddhi:

Vakku siddhi is the power of human whos words will come true, by worshipping karungali vel one  can get the power to forecast and predict the future.

Using karungali regularly or worshipping karungali will increase the power of a person called the vakku siddi the power of telling miracle words that happen. And it can be used to hypnotise the kula deivam.

Success in business 

Placing Karungali Vel in your business place and offering prayers to it sure to attract great success and fortune to bring huge profits in business.

With the power of lord Murugan and his Karungali Vel all the business venture will be a successful one.

Destroy enemies :

Worshiping Karungali Vel is said to bring happiness and peace in both personal life and professional life by destroying the enemies.

Prevents evil powers from entering the house 

Keeping Karungali Vel at home will prevent the evil eye dristi and other evil powers from entering the house 

Place the karungali Vel at pooja room in the house, after performing pooja in a Murugan temple or a Vaarahi amman temple

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