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Karungali stick for kula deiva vasiyam


Karungali stick for kula deiva vasiyam

What or who is kula deivam?

Kula deivam is the god/ goddess for a family, this angelic super power blesses us and stays with us to lead us in the right path. Kula deivams assists individuals in many ways to get health, wealth, longevity of life and success in life. Kula deivam can be a male or female deity or they can also be the ancestors who wanted to do good for us. By pleasing the kula deivam by offering poojas and prayers, one can reap maximum benefits.

What is kula deiva vasiyam?

Kula deiva vasiyam is a process of hypnotizing the family god in order to please the god and reap maximum blessings and boon from them. Kula deva vasiyam is done by  offering prayers and pooja to the god, by this means we please the deity and seek the blessings from them.

How to use a karungali stick for Kula Deiva vasiyam?

Karungali (ebony tree wood ) is a powerful wood that  has miracle powers to attract all kinds of radiation and waves in it. In south india near temples where there is a women deity one can see or notice women with a black stick in thier hands, they have the capacity to tell about our past life and predict about our future. This is not fake, the wood that they have in them is karungali that is energized by chanting mantras. This stick gives the power to tell about the people who is showing their palm.

Worship karngali stick with utmost devotion to get the maximum benefits and blessings of the kula deivam.

Karungali stick has to be cleaned well and turmeric, kumkum along with flowers has to be offered to the stick. Prayers and chanting of the kula deiva name will energize the karungali stick with maximum devotional powers.

offer prayers everyday, atleast on tuesdays and fridays the prayers has to be offered and the pooja has to be done to keep the karungali stick very powerful.

What should be done ?

After purchasing a karungali stick, first check if its original one by soaking it in water overnight, if the water turns pink then the wood is a real piece of karungali wood. If the stick is washed and soaked this water can be used for drinking.

Now that the purity of the wood is checked it is ready to go into the pooja room spread all positive vibrations, health, wealth and happiness in life.

By this way one can hypnotize the kula deivam and get maximum blessings from them for great health, wealth and fortune.It is sure that the kula deivam will come and reside in the karungali stick and grant your wishes. 

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