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Indira Ekadashi 2023

Indira Ekadashi falls on 10 October 2023

There are usually 24 to 25 ekadashi in a year, ekadashi is the eleventh thithi that falls after a full moon or a new moon day. Each eakdashi has a different name.
The Ekadashi that falls in the tamil month of Aipasi in Krishna Paksha is called the Indira Ekadashi.

maha vishnu, Ekadashi

Significance of worshipping on Indira Ekadashi

The Indira Ekadashi is considered very special since it helps you remove the sins that a person has committed and also the sins of the ancestors.
Fasting on this Ekadashi brings an abundance of blessings from lord Vishnu. The lord vishu is pleased by the prayers and offerings. The souls of the ancestors are said to attain salvation if one performs fasting on this day and worships the lord.

If one is not able to perform the shradda of the ancestors due to various reasons, then one can perform the darpan for the deceased ancestors on this day. This can help the ancestor's soul to attain salvation. It is also said that by worshipping the lord and fasting on this day can please the souls of the ancestors and one can also get their blessings.

How to worship the lord on Indira Ekadashi

  • The entire house has to be cleaned one day before the Ekadashi starts. The pooja room has to be cleaned. The people who are willing and are healthy to perform fast can observe fasting.

  • On Indira Ekadashi yellow colour flowers, Akshatam and Tulsi are offered to the lord and the Lord Shri Hari is worshipped.

  • Neivaidhiyam is offered to the lord and special pooja aarthis are performed to the lord.
  • On this day one can perform donations of food and clothing or things of daily use to the poor and needy people, in the name of their ancestors.

How to perform fasting on Indira Ekadashi

  • Fasting can be done at your convenience. Those observing strict fasting on Indira Ekadashi should worship Lord Vishnu without consuming food and water. However, people with health issues and other tasks can perform partial fasting by consuming water and fruits.
  • Offer yellow flowers, fruits, basil and Ganga water while worshipping.
  • Start eating vegetarian- satvik food a day before fasting.
  • Start fasting and chant the names of the lord - Vishnu sahasranamam. visit the nearest Perumal temple or Vishnu temple and seek the blessing of the lord
  • One can end the fast donating food to the needy and consuming food.

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