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Kala Asthami Vratam

Ashtami is the eighth thithi of the waning or waxing phase of the moon. Kala asthami is the eight hithi that falls in the waning moon i.e in the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of every month. This day is dedicated to the lord Kal Bhairav a ferocious form of Lord Shiva. Devotees of lord shiva perform vrat by  fasting with out having anything the whole day to seek the blessings of lord Bhirava on the days of Kalasthami.

When does Asthami occur

The Asthami occurs nearly twice every month the waning and waxing moon. The waning phase - Krishna paksha Asthami is considered more auspicious for performing the vratam.

Who can Kala Ashtami Vratam

People facing difficulties in professional and personal life can perform Kala Ashtami Vrat. It  is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and protection from evil forces. The devvotees who perform kala asthami vrat can get the power to overcome fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Devotees can appease Lord Bhairav and receive his divine grace and blessings to live a happy and peaceful life.

How to perform Kala Ashtami Vratam

The day before the kala asthami , the entire house is cleaned and the pooja articles are clleaned well.On the day of Kala Ashtami, the  devotees has to wake up early in the morning and clean themselves and wear neat washed clothes. The devotees then offer prayers to the lord Kal Bhairav and observe fast on this day with out eating or drinking anything. Those who are not able to perform complete fasting can consume only fruits, water, and milk.

In the evening the special poojas are performed to the lord kal Bhairav in the temple, the devotees should visit the temple and worship Lord Kaal Bhairav and offer prayers. The offerings for pooja and abishekams can be offered tto the lord. One can chant mantras and light lamps to the lord. After the prayers, the devotees can break their fast donate food the the poor and needy and consume their meal.

Benefits of performing Kala Ashtami Vratam

Performing the Kala Ashtami Vratam is believed to bring auspiciousness and fortune to the devotees. It brings Good luck, Prosperity, Protection from evil forces, Overcoming fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions, Attainment of moksha (liberation)and many more.

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