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How to Cleanse and Energize Spatika Crystals


Spatika crystals are one of naturally occurring crystals that are very powerful and absorb the positive vibration around and reflect the negative vibrations from the surroundings. They are highly regarded for their clarity, purity, and powerful energy that they can possess. They are one of the most versatile crystals that are used in various spiritual and healing practices.

Spatika malas and beads can be used for meditation, spiritual practices, energising, cleansing of the soul and body, protection, removing negative energies and many more for the betterment of the human.

Cleanse the Spatika crystal:

It is very important to cleanse the Spatika crystal once in a while to maintain the clarity and effectiveness of the product and stay connected spiritually.
Method of cleansing the Spatika crystals

Water cleansing

This is the simplest and the best way to clean a Spatika crystal. Wash the Spatika in clear and clean water by soaking it for a few minutes and gently rubbing it busing the palm.
This method removes the impurities and helps in retaining the powers of the crystals.

Energising the Spatika Crystals:

Energising with water

The first step in energising the Spatika crystal is soaking it in plain clean water to cleanse the bead that has been used for a long time. By doing so the dirt particles and the negative energies in it will be removed. The clear the crystal is the better the positive energy absorption.

Energising the Spatika in sunlight and moonlight

Sunlight and moonlight are natural forms of light that have the power to cleanse Spatika crystals. Natural light is said to destroy negativity and induce the positivity

Energising the Spatika by spiritual hymns:

Performing japam and chanting divine hymns of the supreme deities or favourite deities or the family clan deity will energise the pure crystal Spatikam.

Energising with positive vibrations

Temples and holy places of worship are filled with an abundance of positivity wearing Spatika crystal to such kinds of places is sure to energise the Spatika with positivity.

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