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How to / who can wear a Rudraksha?

Lord Shiva Rudraksham Rudraksham

Rudraksha is a naturally occurring seed that has medicinal and spiritual properties. It is believed that Rudraksha is the incarnation of lord Shiva. The teardrops that fell from lord Shiva’s third eye that fell on the earth are the Rudraksha.  This Rudraksha is very powerful to heal the mind and body hence the betterment of the human soul.

Rudrakshas are very powerful to inhibit the spiritual and emotional well-being of the people.  Rudrakshas are believed to have healing properties that can help in treating the problems in mind and body. By wearing the powerful Rudraksha one will be able to overcome stress, depression and anxiety. There will be a clear mind and positive thinking in the life of the wearer.

Types of Rudraksha 

Rudraksha is a naturally found seed of a tree. There are marks on the seeds that help in deciding the number of  faces of rudraksha. Rudraksha is named after the number of faces in each of them. One face, two faces, three faces, four faces, five faces, six faces, seven faces and so on. Each of these rudrakshas with different faces has special unique powers to help humans live a better spiritual life.

How and Who can wear a Rudraksha? 

It is very important to wear the rudraksha with a clean mind since it can attract the positive vibration. The person wearing it has to be neat and clean and bathe every day and worship the almighty lord by chanting the mantras.

Visit the nearest temples every day if possible to energise the Rudraksha and get benefitted from it.

People of any age group can wear the Rudraksha to get its power. However one must avoid wearing it during death ceremonies and places with negativity. One should not consume non-vegetarian food, since the dead animal used in the food is considered to be a negative thing.

Women wearing rudraksha should make sure to remove the rudraksha during the periods. It is believed that the body produces a lot of heat during her periods and the powers of Rudraksha.

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