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The Enormous Powers of Sri Lakshmi Yantra


Worship Sri Lakshmi Yantra to Attract Wealth and Prosperity:

Sri Lakshmi Yantra is a powerful spiritual drawing that has the capacity to attract goddess Mahalakshmi and bring wealth and prosperity to the house in which it is worshipped. If one worships and energises the lakshmi Yantra the place is filled with divinity and manifests the devotee's desires and bestows the boons that they seek.

Sri Lakshmi Yantra:

Sri Lakshmi Yantra is usually worshipped to attract the Goddess Lakshmi - the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. The yantra is a metal sheet made up of copper, silver or gold. The mantras and the geometric patterns are drawn to represent the goddess, Lakshmi. The yantra is energized through special pujas and rituals that make it powerful to attract wealth, and prosperity in abundance to the devotee who worships it and possesses it.

How to worship Sri Lakshmi Yantra:

Bring in the energised Sri Lakshmi yantra and place it on a plate with yellow rice and flowers in the pooja room. Now lamp light beside it and incense sticks and worship the yantra by chanting Lakshmi mantras.
Now hang the yantra in a nail in the pooja room and worship it daily and chant the mantra to energise it to attract wealth and prosperity. On special festive days, Fridays and Tuesdays the yantra can be worshipped by offering fruits and flowers.

Benefits of worshipping Sri Lakshmi Yantra:

Worship Sri Lakshmi Yantra continuously to achieve financial stability and security in life.
 One can attract Wealth and Prosperity by meditating on the yantra, one can focus your intentions on attracting abundance and prosperity into your life.
one can achieve financial responsibility and discipline that can help one achieve financial goals.

Along with being wealthy, one can attain spiritual well-being and abundance by meditating on yantras, this builds inner peace and harmony that helps in improvements.
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