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Narasimha Jayanti 2024: History, Significance, Date and time

Lord Vishnu narasimha


Narasimha Jayanti is a Hindu festival celebrated on the fourteenth day of Vaishakh month. The most ferocious avatar of Lord Vishnu is Narasimha or Narasingha avatar. According to Hindu Scriptures, this is the Fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu incarnated as Narasimha (Half human and half lion).  On this day Lord Vishnu reincarnated as Narasimha to safeguard his devotee Prahalad by destroying the Hiranyakashipu. This celebration symbolizes the eternal victory of good over evil and it is believed to follow the righteous path for a happy and peaceful life. The victory of Narasimha over Hiranyakashipu signifies the triumph of knowledge over ignorance and the steady devotion of the righteous.   


History of Narasimha Jayanti   

In Hindu mythology, the tale of Narasimha Jayanti revolves around the fearsome demon king Hiranyakashipu, who became powerful and oppressive due to the blessing he received from Lord Brahma.   

His wish was: "I would not die by any creatures created by you; neither inside nor outside; neither in the sun rays nor at moon glow, by any weapon nor other things; neither on land nor in the sky nor by any human or animal; neither by demigod nor demon. Make me invincible in battle, and may my glory be equal to yours. May the powers I have acquired through this yogic penance never be destroyed."  He seized control of the three worlds, assuming the throne of Indra, and ruthlessly punished all those who opposed his authority.  

His son Prahlad refused to worship his father as a deity. Instead, he remained unwavering in his devotion to Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu attempted to kill his son Prahlad, but he failed in all his efforts. In the final act of defiance, Hiranyakashipu dared to confront Lord Vishnu directly, questioning Prahlad about the presence of his deity within a nearby pillar. Prahlad replied yes, and Hiranyakashipu, filled with arrogance, struck the pillar with his mace. Prahlad started to pray to Lord Vishnu, and suddenly Lord Vishnu emerged from it, incarnated as Narasimha avatar (half-human and half-lion), and killed King Hiranyakashipu with his fingernails. The victory of Narasimha symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, the protection of devotees, and the manifestation of divine justice.  


Significance of Narasimha Jayanti  

 Narasimha Jayanti carries multiple layers of spiritual significance, making it a revered festival celebrated by devotees.  It reminds us that righteousness will always prevail, even in the face of the most dreadful challenges.   

 Lord Narasimha is revered as a protector of devotees, especially those facing persecution for their faith. It assures that unwavering trust in the divine ensures protection and liberation from difficult situations.  

The unwavering devotion of Prahlad towards Lord Vishnu highlights the importance of faith and trust in the divine power in Hindu Philosophy.  

In Hindu scriptures, among the five faces of Lord Hanuman in his Panchamukhi form, one of them is that of Lord Narasimha. 

The Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu is popular in the Southern states of India with statues and paintings. In Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh, Narasimha Jayanti is celebrated by conducting special poojas with the idol of Lord Narasimha and Goddess Lakshmi in Narasimha temple.   

On this special day, devotees visit the temple with fruits, fresh flowers, and coconuts for Archanai. People also light the diya and incense sticks in the temple. 

Some devotees observe a fast on Narasimha Jayanti as a form of penance and devotion.  

Others recite Narasimha mantras or Vishnu Sahasranama (thousand names of Lord Vishnu) as part of their prayers and sing bhajans (devotional songs) glorifying Lord Narasimha's courage and divine attributes. 


Narasimha Jayanti Date and time  

Narasimha Jayanti on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.  

Chaturdashi Tithi starts at 05: 39 p.m. on May 21, 2024, and ends at 06:47 p.m. on May 22, 2024  



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