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Sani Maha Pradosham

Lord Shiva

Sani Maha Pradosham

Sani Maha Pradosham is a highly revered and significant occasion in Hindu spirituality, observed to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. This auspicious event occurs when Pradosham, a special period for Lord Shiva, coincides with a Saturday (Sani), associated with Lord Sani (Saturn). Pradosham time on Saturdays is said to remove all sins and accrue great merit, bringing all kinds of prosperity.  

Why is it Important? 

Every month, the 13th day of the waxing and waning moon phases is known as Thirayodasi Tithi, and the period from 4:30 PM to 6 PM on these days is called Pradosham. When Thirayodasi Tithi falls on a Saturday, it is called Sani Maha Pradosham. This day commemorates Lord Shiva swallowing the poison known as Alakalam and dancing between Nandi's horns. The dance, performed by Lord Shiva, encompasses the five cosmic activities: creation, preservation, destruction, concealment, and grace. This rare occurrence helps remove negative karma caused by planetary afflictions while bestowing the grace of both Lord Sani and Lord Shiva. Observing Sani Maha Pradosham is said to remove all sins, accrue great merit, bring all kinds of prosperity, and bestow fame. According to the scriptures, it is believed that it grants moksha (liberation) that transcends rebirth. 

The Power of Sani (Saturn) 

As saturday is ruled by Lord Sani, the planet Saturn, is known for its impact on karma and justice. Lord Sani is both feared and respected for giving the results of one's past actions. He is believed to bring discipline, perseverance, and a deeper understanding of life's challenges. When Pradosham falls on a Saturday, the combined energies of Lord Shiva and Lord Sani offer a powerful chance for devotees to seek freedom from their karmic burdens and invite positive changes into their lives.  

Rituals and Observances 

  • Devotees fast from sunrise to sunset, abstaining from food and, in some cases, even water. This act of self-discipline is believed to cleanse the body and mind, making one more receptive to divine blessings. 
  • Special abhishekam rituals are performed to the Shiva Lingam in the temple, with various offerings such as milk, honey, ghee, and holy water. 
  • Reciting sacred hymns and mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Sani is an integral part of the observance. 
  • Lighting oil lamps during the twilight period of Pradosham is considered highly auspicious. The light symbolizes the dispelling of darkness and ignorance, paving the way for spiritual enlightenment. 
  • On Pradosham, devotees recite the Sivapuranam to bring happiness into their lives and fulfill all their desires. It is also believed that reading and listening to the Sivapuranam can erase all sins and faults.  

The Benefits of Sani Maha Pradosham 

  • The combined grace of Lord Shiva and Lord Sani is thought to help devotees overcome the effects of past negative actions, bringing relief from suffering and misfortune. 
  • Devotees can overcome obstacles and adversities, gaining strength to face life's challenges with resilience. 
  • The auspicious energies of Sani Maha Pradosham attract prosperity and abundance, ensuring financial stability and material wealth. 
  • It brings a sense of calm and serenity to one's life, allowing for inner peace and spiritual harmony. 

Temples to Visit on Pradosham days 

  • Siva Vishnu Temple - Natesan Street, 2, N Usman Rd, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017 
  • Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple - 1, 6th Cross St, RBI Quarters, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090 
  • Shiva Temple of Thiruvannamalai Kunrakkudi - Adam Street, Alamelu Manga Puram, Sankarapuram, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028 
  • Arulmigu Karaneeswarar Temple - 1, Karaneeswarar Koil St, Suriyammapet, Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015  
  • Thillai Natarajar Temple Chidambaram - Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu 608001 
  • Brihadeeswara Temple - Balaganapathy Nagar, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613007 
  • Ernakulam Shiva Temple - Durbar Hall Rd, Marine Drive, Ernakulam, Kerala 682011 
  • Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga - Inside Mahankal Mandir, Jaisinghpura, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh 456001 

Sani Maha Pradosham in 2024 

Sani Pradosham falls twice this year, on the 6th April and the 31st August. 

  • According to Vakya Panchangam, On 6th April, the Thrayodashi Tithi starts at 7:43 AM and ends on 7th April at 3:48 AM. 
  • On 31st August, the Thrayodashi Tithi starts at 4:45 AM and ends on 1st September at 5:18 AM. 

Sani Maha Pradosham is a profound way to honor Lord Shiva and seek his divine blessings. To enhance your worship experience, consider purchasing a Lord Shiva and Nandi statue, as well as the Sivapuranam book, from Om Spiritual Shop. These sacred items can deepen your connection to the divine and bring peace and fulfillment into your life.



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