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Varahi Amman - the destroyer of the evil

Varahi Amman - the destroyer of the evil

Goddess Varahi is a powerful form created by Goddess Durga  from herself to destroy the evil forces of demons. Varahi is one of the saptamatas and is worshipped throughout India by all streams of hindus and buddhist. It is very special to worship the goddesses on a panchami day that falls on  a waxing or a weaning moon.

One can get the complete grace of the goddess and the family be blessed by worshipping the goddesses on panchami days. The devotees can recite the dwadasha nama the 12 names of the goddess and seek boon and blessings from the goddesses.

The 12 names of the Vaarahi amman called the dwadasha naama has to be chanted:

  1. Panchami 
  2. Dandhanath
  3. Sangyetha
  4. Samayeshwari
  5. Samaya sangyehta
  6. Vaarahi
  7. Pothrini
  8. Shivaa
  9. Varthali
  10. Mahasena
  11. Agnachareshwari
  12. Arigini 

One can attain great positions and great wealth in life by chanting this dwadasha naaman regularly.

How to worship Varahi amman?

  • The flowers in red  colour  are favourite to the goddess and hence offering red flowers and worshipping the goddesses will give you confidence and courage.
  • Abishekam can be performed by using water, tender coconut, kumkum, turmeric, flowers and others that is fauvorite to the goddesses.
  • Neivaidhiyam such as curd rice, sundal with honey and ghee, black urad vada, ellurundai, sweet potato, panakam and many others can be offered as to please the goddesses and seek the blessings.
  • One can gain endless benefits by worshipping the vaarahi amman. Visiting a vaarahi amman temple or worshipping the idol of the amman at home or at office.
  • Past sins are destroyed and all good tings happen in life if one surrenders to the lord.

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