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Significance of Panchmugha Ganesha idol


Panchmugha Ganesha idol 

Lord Ganesha is the first and foremost god who is worshipped at the beginning of each venture. Lord Panchamukha Ganesha eliminates the obstacles in personal life and business.

Panchamugha Ganesha is an embodiment of Lord  Ganesha with Five faces. Pancha means five Mugha means faces hence Panchamuga Vinayagar is Lord Ganesha with Five Faces.

The five faces in the Panchamukha Ganesha represent and symbolises the Annamaya kosha the flesh body made of matter, Pranamaya kosha which is the breath body or energy body, Manomayakosha represents the mental body, Vighnnamayakosha the body of the Upper Consciousness, Anandamayakosha the body of Cosmic Bless.

Significance of worshipping Panchamugha Ganesha 

Offering prayers to Panchamukha Ganesha will surely bring new energetic positive vibrations in the body and surrounding atmosphere.

Worshipping Panchamugha regularly will bring good health, wealth and success in both personal and professional life.

Placing Panchmugha Ganesha facing east at home or office is sure to ward off evils, and bring prosperity and success in life.

Worshipping The Panchamugha Ganesha will attain sat- chit- Anand the pure consciousness.

Panchamukha Ganesha has to be worshipped to regulate the five senses to live a peaceful life.

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