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Sri Rama Navami 2023

Sri Rama Navami  falls on Thursday 30 March  2023

Sri Rama is one of the ten incarnations of the hindu trinity lord Vishnu. According to hindu mythology, it is believed that  Lord Vishnu incarnated into different forms to destroy evil and preserve the universe from evil forces. Lord Rama is said to be the seventh incarnation to destroy the demon king Ravana.

Sri Rama navami is celebrated by Hindus as the birthday of lord Sri Rama and it  usually falls in the month of March or April  on a day with navami tithi. The festival is the symbol of victory of the good over the evil. Lord Rama through his life teachings lead us to the path to liberation of life cycle of birth and death through the way of spiritual growth.

Sri Rama Navami celebration:

On the day of Sri Rama Navami Devotees wake up early in the morning and clean the houses and prepare to celebrate the Birthday of lord Rama. The devotees perform various rituals like prayers, fastings and bhajans. Sweets are prepared at home and are offered to lord sri Rama to seek his blessings. People visit the nearest Rama temple and worship lord Sri Rama to live a peaceful and prosperous life. Devotees recite the epic tale of Rama - The Ramayana and to know the path of enlightenment through it.

Devotees distribute sweets, juices and butter milk and food to everyone around and share the happiness of the great festival that teaches the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Benefits of celebrating Sri Rama Navami:

Rama navami is celebrated to bloom the thought of oneness and equality in the minds of people.  It brings the sense of unity and harmony.

The teachings of lord Rama that can help lead a more spiritual, virtuous and fulfilling life. Also walk in the path of enlightenment in order to attain salvation.

Performing fasting and religious rituals on the divine day of Rama navami, brings rejuvenation by purifying the body and mind.

Increases positivity and refreshes the mind.

Seeking the blessings of elders in the family after worshipping the lord is sure to help you lead a prosperous and peaceful life.

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