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Bogar Siddhar: A saint and Alchemist of Ancient India

Bogar Siddhar

Bogar Siddhar

Bogar Siddhar or Boganathar is one of the most fascinating and revered saints in Tamil Siddha Tradition. He was a saint, alchemist, mystic and Yogi, who lived thousands of years ago. Bogar Siddhar is considered as one of the 18 Siddhars,  a group of enlightened beings in Tamil tradition known for their deep understanding of medicine, alchemy, and spirituality. Bogar is widely acknowledged as a polymath, alchemy, medicine, yoga, martial arts, and spirituality. Bogar Siddhar dedicated his life to spiritual practices and meditation. Explore more about Bogar Siddhar and his contribution to the Siddha Tradition.   

Life of Bogar Siddhar   

Bogar Siddhar is believed to have been born in Vaigavur, Tamil Nadu. He lived around 3000 B.C. In Tamil Literature, it is also said that he lived in Palani Thiruthalam in the 16th Century. He was praised by Thiru Moolar as the Seer of Truth.   

Bogar went to China lately and lived there for a long time. He wrote countless books in the Chinese language than Tamil. It is said that he had the name Po-yaung in China and was celebrated as the greatest sage in the name of Wa-o-chiu. He became Siddha Purusha with the Guidance of his Guru Kalanginathar. It is also believed that Bogar’s guru, Kalanginathar is a Chinese sage who attained siddhi in South India and thus he became included among the Eighteen Siddhars. In China, Bogar transmigrated into the body of a Chinese man and lived as a Chinese national. He spent 200 years spreading his teachings there before returning to Tamil Nadu with his disciple, Pulipani Siddhar.    

Bogar's spiritual journey involved intense meditation and rigorous ascetic practices, as he sought to understand the mysteries of the universe and the human body. Bogar practised Kundalini Yoga in four stages. He believed that during the upcoming period of darkness, the most effective way for humanity to advance spiritually is through the Yoga of love and devotion, known as Bhakti Yoga.   

Bogar Siddhar was a master alchemist, known for the ancient practice of transforming base metals into gold and creating elixirs of immortality. He made significant contributions to medicine and alchemy, with his renowned book "Bogar 7000" called Bogar Saptha Kaandam being an extensive compilation of texts on herbs, minerals, and medicinal preparations. Following this, Konkanavar, Karuvoorar, Idaikadar, Kamala Muni, Satta Muni, and Macchamuni all became disciples of Bogar Siddhar, joining him to study the sciences of Kaya kalpa and yoga. Bogar eventually entrusted his teaching mission to Pulipani Siddhar. Bogar's contributions encompass yoga, kaya kalpa, medicine, natural sciences, philosophy, and more.   

Creation of Murugan Idol   

One of the most famous contributions of Bogar Siddhar is the creation of Lord Murugan's idol at the top of Palani Hill. According to Tamil Ancient literature, it is said that Bogar crafted two Murugan idols. The Murugan idol is made from a unique mixture of nine medicinal herbs known as "Navapashanam," this idol is believed to have powerful healing properties. The Palani Murugan idol serves not only as a religious symbol but also as a testament to Bogar's alchemical genius. The Navapashanam idol is said to emit positive energy and has the power to heal various ailments. According to legend, Bogar meticulously crafted the idol using a secret formula that he had perfected through years of experimentation. The other Murugan idol is crafted without the Navapashanam, which is located in Thiruchengode called Sengottu Velavan. He also established the Kuzhanthai Velappar temple for Murugan in Poombarai, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.    

Then, Bogar went to Kathirkaman, where he met Babaji and introduced him to intense yogic practices, focusing on various meditation techniques. He then returned to Palani, where he attained Swarupa samadhi at Dhandayuthapani Temple. At that place, the image of Bhuvanesvari Amman and the Maragadha (emerald) Siva Lingam is located, which is worshipped by Bogar Siddhar. An underground passage is said to connect the main shrine with the Bogar shrine, which was maintained by Pulipani Siddhar thereafter.    

His Legacy   

Bogar Siddhar travelled a lot, teaching his knowledge and wisdom in India, China, and other places. His journeys enriched his understanding of different cultures and spiritual traditions, which he integrated into his teachings. It can be said that there are no great tricks that the wise man does not know. People benefited immeasurably from the untiring efforts of Bogar. His whole thought is “for the welfare of others”. He emphasized the importance of self-realization, the unity of all religions, and the pursuit of knowledge.   

Bogar Siddhar's legacy lives on through his numerous writings, teachings, and contributions to medicine and alchemy. The principles and practices he introduced have had a lasting impact on fields such as Ayurveda, Siddha medicine, and spiritual practices. Bogar Siddhar's life highlights the rich and diverse knowledge of ancient India.     

Hidden Facts of Bogar Siddhar

  • In China, Bogar was known by another name, Po-yaung, and was celebrated as the great sage.  
  • Bogar crafted two Murugan idols, one idol is located in Palani hills called Dhandayutha pani Murugan and the other Murugan idol is located in Thiruchengode called Sengottu Velan. 
  • Palani murgan idol is made from a mixture of herbs and minerals called Navapasanam. Sage Bogar believed that the medicinal properties of the idol could be extracted through Abhishekams. By consuming the liquids poured on the idol during Abhishekams, such as milk and panchamirtham, he thought that the healing capabilities of the navapashanams could be fully utilized. 

Why Should people follow Bogar?  

  • His teachings emphasize deep spiritual practices like Kundalini Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, which can aid in spiritual development and enlightenment.  
  • Bogar Siddhar’s blessings are believed to promote healing and good health. Followers might seek his blessings for relief from ailments and overall well-being.  
  • Bogar Siddhar taught rejuvenation and longevity methods like Kaya Kalpa. Worshipping him is believed to grant vitality and a long life.  
  • Bogar Siddhar’s contributions to various fields, including natural sciences and philosophy, are profound. Worshipping him is thought to invoke his wisdom and guidance in these areas 

Bogar Siddhar books in Siddha Medicine   

  • Bogar 7000   
  • Bogar Jananasagaram   
  • Bogar Nigandu 1200   
  • Bogar Nigandu Karukidai   
  • Bogar Medical Epic 1000   
  • Bogar Munivar 700   
  • Bogar vaithiya kaaviyam 1000 (Bogar Medical Epic)      

Bogar Jeeva samadhi  

Bogar Siddhar Jeeva Samathi

Bogar attained Jeeva Samadhi in Palani Hills. It is located near the Palani Murugan Temple. It is a place of reverence and spiritual significance for devotees and seekers alike.     

Address: Bogar Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi, Giri Veethi, Palani, Tamil Nadu 624601   

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