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Arulmigu Solaimalai Murugan Temple, Pazhamudircholai


Arulmigu Solaimalai Murugan Temple

Lord Murugan's tales of valour, wisdom, and compassion have deeply influenced Hindu culture. Murugan is the god of war and victory, the protector of Tamil culture and traditions, and is especially loved in southern India. Lord Murugan is the beloved son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Murugan is especially known for his Arupadai Veedu (Six Abodes). Among the six abodes, Pazhamudircholai temple is the last, which is located amidst the verdant Alagar Hills, surrounded by dense forests and natural springs. This sacred site attracts devotees and tourists alike, offering a serene atmosphere and a deep spiritual experience. Let’s delve into this article, to know the story behind this temple. 

Story of Solaimalai Murugan Temple 

Lord Murugan with Avvaiyar

The legendary Tamil poetess Avvaiyar earned admiration for her mastery of language and precise word selection in her poems. Lord Murugan wished to impart a lesson, so he decided to take the form of a 10-year-old boy. As Avvaiyar walked around Madurai, feeling thirsty and hungry, she settled under a Naaval Fruit Tree (Jamun)to rest. As a small cowboy atop a Jamun (Naaval) tree, Lord Murugan asked Avvaiyar if she would like to eat some fruits.   

The highly knowledgeable Avvaiyar, filled with excitement, eagerly expressed her desire for them. The boy then asked if she wanted roasted fruit (sutta pazham) or unroasted fruit (sudadha pazham). Initially confused, as she knew fruits don't come roasted, Avvaiyar thought the boy did not know the fruits and requested unroasted ones.  

The boy smiled and shook the tree, causing numerous fruits to fall, which Avvaiyar happily collected and started to blow the fruit to remove the sand. With a smile, the boy teasingly inquired Avvaiyar “Is it hot?” (Pazham Sudugiradha?) upon blowing on his "roasted fruits" to cool them down. Avvaiyar, astonished, at how a village boy could enact such an intelligent play. Blowing on the fruit to remove sand was metaphorically meant to cool "roasted fruits." Impressed by the boy's poetic wit, Avvaiyar humbly requested him to reveal his identity, only to be stunned to find herself in the presence of divinity, bowing in reverence.   

She humbly prayed to Lord Murugan, asking for his divine blessings. With boundless compassion, Lord Murugan bestowed his infinite grace upon her, honouring her unwavering pursuit of knowledge.   

This incident Avvaiyar mentioned in her poetry of Thanipadal  

கருங்காலிக் கட்டைக்கு நாணாக் கோடாலி  

இருங்கதலித் தண்டுக்கு நாணும்- பெருங்கானில்  

காரெருமை மேய்க்கின்ற காளைக்கு நான் தோற்றேன்  

ஈரிரவும் துஞ்சாதென் கண்.  

                                                         - ஔவையார்  


Lord Murugan with Valli and Deivanai

Slogan for Pazhamudircholai Murugan  

Gayatri mantram for Pazhamudircholai murugan  

ஓம் புஜங்கேசாய வித்மஹே !!!  

உரகேசாய தீமஹி !!!  

தன்னோ ஸுப்ரமண்ய ப்ரசோதயாத் !!!  


Om Pujangaya Vidmahe,  

 Uragesaya Dhimahi,   

Thanno Subrahmanya Prachodayat.  

Karanamdhaga Thiruppugazh by Thiru Arunagirinathar  

ஆரமுத மான தந்தி ...... மணவாளா  

ஆறுமுக மாறி ரண்டு ...... விழியோனே  

சூரர்கிளை மாள வென்ற ...... கதிர்வேலா  

சோலைமலை மேவி நின்ற ...... பெருமாளே.  


"Aramutha Maana Thandi... Manavaala   

Aarumuga Maari Randu... Vilaiyone   

Soorar Kilai Maala Vendra... Kadhirvela   

Solaimalai Mevi Nindra... Perumalae."  

Festival Celebrated in Pazhamudircholai temple  

  • Skandha Sashti Festival: The Skanda Shasti Festival, held for 6 days in the months of (October - November), commemorates Lord Murugan's Victory over Surapadman (Soorasamharam). Skanda Sashti this year is from November 2nd, 2024, to November 7th, 2024.    
  • Vaikasi Visakam Day: This festival occurs in May-June and commemorates Lord Murugan's manifestation. Devotees observe fasting and perform rituals on this day will bring us Lord Murugan's blessings and grant us a long life.  
  • Thirukarthigai: This festival falls in the month of November-December. Special light festivals are held in temples on Thirukarthigai day. Devotees hold lamps, guiding the way and symbolising the dispell of darkness  

 Amazing Facts of Pazhamdircholai Murugan Temple  

  • The shrine of Lord Murugan is situated on Solaimalai hill, also known as Vrishabhadri or Idabagiri, where he is worshipped along with his consorts Valli as Iccha Shakti and Devayani as Kriya Shakti, while the Lord embodies Jnana Shakti.   
  • Atop the hill, there lies Noopura Ganga, a natural spring next to a temple dedicated to Rakkayi Amman. Pilgrims visiting Pazhamudircholai Murugan never skip the chance to bathe in this holy spring.  

Pazhamudircholai Temple timings: The Temple opens at 6:00 am and Close at 6:30 pm  

Location: Arulmigu Solaimalai Murugan temple, Alagar Koil Rd, Alagar Hills R.F, Pazhamudircholai, Madurai District, 624401  

Contact Number: 1800 4253 1111 





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