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Celebrating Aadi 2024: The Vibrant Festival of Tamil Nadu


Aadi Masam 2024

As the monsoon showers breathe new life into the lands of Tamil Nadu, the arrival of the Aadi month ushers in a period of profound devotion and vibrant cultural celebrations. Aadi occurs in the fourth month of the Tamil calendar.  This month is dedicated to the worship of various deities, especially Goddess Amman (Parvati), who is believed to bless her devotees with health, prosperity, and happiness. Aadi is a time when the Tamil community comes together to honour the divine, seeking blessings for prosperity, health, and protection. The Aadi festival is a significant cultural and religious event in Tamil Nadu, celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion. 

Significance of Aadi month  

The month of Aadi is considered auspicious for worship and is marked by several important festivals and rituals. During this time, devotees seek divine blessings for protection from evil forces and to ensure prosperity. The primary focus is on the Goddess Amman, revered as the mother goddess and protector of the people. Aadi is also associated with the monsoon season, and many rituals are performed to welcome the rains, which are crucial for agriculture.    

Rituals and Celebration  

Aadi Festival Rituals
  • Every Friday in Aadi month, women prepare Pongal in the temple and serve it in front of the Goddess Amman idol. Many poojas are conducted on Aadi Fridays, with prayers for the well-being and prosperity of their families.  
  • Women flock to Amman temples to perform rituals, sing, dance, and prepare the nutritious ragi koozh (porridge) in large earthen pots. This prasadam is then distributed to devotees after prayers.  
  • The ragi koozh is cooked over a wood fire and served with accompaniments such as keerai kootu/poriyal, dry fish curry, mutton curry, kaara kuzhambu, and pickles. Sometimes, finely chopped onions, green chillies, and buttermilk are added to the koozh to enhance its flavour.  
  • During Aadi Month, temples and the streets leading to them are lit up with lights. There are also large hoardings and cut-outs of goddesses. Beautifully decorated chariots carry idols of goddesses, accompanied by loudspeakers playing devotional songs. Women actively join in the celebrations, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.     
  • Many temples perform daily abhishekam (ritual bathing) of the deities with various substances such as water, milk, curd, honey, and sandalwood paste.     
  • During Aadi, the deities wear new clothes, jewellery, and flowers as part of their daily worship. This ritual decoration, called Alankaram, is important.     
  • Devotees offer a variety of dishes to the deities, which are then distributed as prasad (blessed food) to all attendees. Many temples also organize annadanam (mass feeding), providing free meals to devotees and the needy.  
  • Despite the numerous auspicious days and rituals in Aadi, families typically avoid weddings, purchasing property, moving house, business activities, or starting any new ventures. Even the newly married couples are kept separate during this time.    


  • Aadi Perukku: On the 18th day of Aadi, people celebrate a festival dedicated to rivers, especially the River Kaveri. During this time, people visit riverbanks, pray, and immerse themselves in the holy waters. The festival symbolizes the importance of water and the beginning of the monsoon, which brings fertility to the land.  
  • Aadi Krithigai: As krithigai is special for Lord Murugan. Aadi Krithigai is more special this month. This festival, dedicated to Lord Murugan, involves lighting lamps and performing special poojas (prayers). Devotees visit Murugan temples and offer their prayers for prosperity and success.  
  • Aadi Pooram: A festival dedicated to Andal, a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, where devotees offer special prayers to seek happiness, prosperity, and abundant wealth. A popular delicacy during this festival is Akkaravadisal, a sweet treat prepared with rice, milk, jaggery, and ghee.  
  • Aadi Amavasai: Aadi Amavasai, the new moon day in the month of Aadi, is devoted to honouring ancestors through special rituals called Tharpanam, seeking blessings from departed family members. Offering pinda pradhanam to the ancestors, seeking their blessings and ensuring peace for their souls.  

Festive dates of Aadi   

  • Aadi Perukku: 03, August 2024  
  • Aadi Krithigai: 29, July 2024  
  • Aadi Pooram: 07, August 2024  
  • Aadi Amavasai: 04, August 2024  

The Aadi festival is a multifaceted celebration that incorporates devotion, cultural practices, agricultural significance, and community bonding. It is a time when the people of Tamil Nadu come together to honor their traditions, seek divine blessings, and celebrate the natural bounty of the monsoon season. So, enjoy this year Aadi with your families and friends. 

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