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Super natural powers of Varahi yantra

Varahi Amman yantra

Varahi Yantra is a powerful geometric diagram that contains the powers of hindu goddess Varahi, a boar incarnation. Goddesses varahi is one of the saptha kannis and is said to be a very furious god who can bestow all the wishes of truthful and sincere devotees.

Varahi Yantra is believed to have numerous benefits and can be used for worship and in places of meditation.

The mystical powers of varahi yantra are :

1.Protection against negative forces

One of the most significant benefits of Varahi Yantra is protection. It is believed to offer protection from negative energies, evil spirits, and black magic. This protective energy can help individuals feel more secure and confident in their daily lives.

2.Increase wealth and prosperity 

 Varahi Yantra is also associated with wealth and prosperity. It is said to attract abundance of financial prosperity to the worshipper. The  individuals can be able to achieve their financial goals and feel more secure in their financial situation.

3.Success and victory 

Worshipping Varahi Yantra regularly will bestow success and victory in all endeavours of life including business, career, and personal life. This benefit can help individuals achieve their goals and feel more confident in their ability to succeed.


The Varahi Yantra and the mantras inscribed in the yantra are believed to have healing properties and can help in the treatment of various ailments. By worshipping the varahi yantra and meditating on it one can feel more comfortable and healthy.

 5.Spiritual growth:

In addition to material benefits, Varahi Yantra is also associated with spiritual growth. It is said to aid in spiritual growth and enlightenment by awakening the Kundalini energy, which is the dormant spiritual energy within us. This benefit can help individuals feel more connected to their spiritual selves and the divinity.

 6.Knowledge and wisdom 

The inscriptions in the Varahi Yantra are believed to enhance knowledge, wisdom, and intuition ,and hence can help individuals feel more confident in their decision-making abilities and more knowledgeable in their chosen fields.

When to worship the yantra

The yantra, idol or photo of the goddess Varahi can be worshipped on any day after taking a clean bath and with utmost devotion in the goddesses. However the panchami thithis that falls after the full moon and new moon days are considered to be very auspicious and powerful when compared to other days. 

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