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Varahi Navaratri 2024: Significance and Dates

Varahi Amman

Varahi Navaratri 2024

Significance of Varahi Navaratri  

As the auspicious festival of Varahi Navarathri 2024 approaches, devotees of Varahi Devi prepare to immerse themselves in nine days from Padyami to Navami in the month of Ashada. Varahi Navaratri is also known as Ashada Gupta Navaratri. Varahi Devi is also a manifestation of Goddess Shakti.   

Goddess Varahi is traditionally worshipped in the month of Ashada, an important time for farmers. According to the Puranas, Varahi Amman is believed to keep plants green. Worshiping Varahi Amman bestows Ashtasukha (eight forms of happiness). She is also revered as the Goddess of Truth and Charity.  

Varahi Devi, known as the Goddess of Punishment and the Enforcer for Lalithamma, embodies the fierce form of Para Shakti and has triumphed in the form of Varahi. Surrendering to her will lead to good health, and spiritually, she transcends the barriers of time, guiding towards the realms of Universal Consciousness. She is also revered as Panchami, the fifth deity among the Ashtamatrikas in the Sri Chakra. Special poojas and fasting are performed for nine days during Varahi Navratri in the month of Ashada.  

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How to perform Varahi Navaratri?

  • Before starting any puja, first pray to Ganesha.  
  • Bring a picture of the goddess and place it in the temple or on a separate peeta.  
  • Clean the puja mandir and place Amman’s picture.  
  • Keep the picture in place from the first day until the Navratras are over.  
  • Conduct the puja with Upacharas.  
  • Read Angapooja, Varahi Stuti, Varahi Ashtottaram, and Kavacha.  
  • Perform the puja with flowers and saffron.  
  • Additionally, recite Lalita's Sahasranamas, as Varahi Amman derives her grace from Lalita Amman.  
  • If possible, maintain an Akhanda Deepam for nine days; otherwise, daily lighting is sufficient.  
  • Fast the whole day after lighting the lamp in the morning.  
  • Worship the Goddess at sunset and then take food.  

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Benefits of Varahi Navaratri Puja:  

  • Varahi Amman pooja is believed to offer protection against the evil eye, ill health, and all forms of negativity.  
  • The puja is conducted for victory over enemies, prosperity, and happiness.  
  • It helps instill confidence and eliminate fear.  
  • Varahi Amman pooja and Homam contribute to spiritual growth and ascension.  
  • They bring the divine grace and blessings of Varahi Devi to the devotees.  

          Varahi Navaratri Dates and timings:  

          Varahi Navaratri starts on 6th July 2024, Saturday and ends on 15th July 2024, Monday.  

          • 1st Day, 6th July 2024, Saturday - Pratipada  
          •  2nd Day, 7th July 2024, Sunday - Dwitiya  
          • 3rd Day, 8th July 2024, Monday - Tritiya  
          • 4th Day, 9th July 2024, Tuesday - Tritiya  
          • 5th Day, 10th July 2024, Wednesday - Chaturthi  
          • 6th Day, 11th July 2024, Thursday - Panchami  
          • 7th Day, 12th July 2024, Friday - Shashthi  
          • 8th Day, 13th July 2024, Saturday - Saptami  
          • 9th Day, 14th July 2024, Sunday - Ashtami  
          • 10th Day, 15th July 2024, Monday -Navami  

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