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History of Rudhraksham

Lord Shiva is the only deity of all the deities. He is the Absolute God. The universe appears from that Sarveshwaran. Then it is contained within him during the Flood.
The ages of the world can be divided into four according to their morality as Tretayugam, Dvaparayugam, Krutayugam and Kaliyugam.
What is happening now is Kali Yuga.
In the second of these four eras, the third age, the three great asuras, Tarakatsan, Kamalatsan and Vidyunmali, lived.
They are also called Tripurasuras.
The trio ruled Tripura, the northern state of India.
Tripura means three cities. These three cities were ruled by these three deadly monsters.
All three of them were deeply penitent towards Lord Shiva for the greatest boon.
Seeing their meditation, the rest of Parameswaran appeared before the eyes of the three of them and the devotion of the three of them froze me and asked me what blessing you should have.
To this the three of them received from Parameswaran the gift of three metal (gold, silver, and iron) forts that could rotate and fly high so that the three of us would not be surrounded by enemies, and that no one but ourselves, the Parameswarans, should die in this world.
After receiving the boon, the warriors flew up and landed on the other cities, completely destroying them. All three of them are very happy to do so.
Then at one point they went to the heavens where the gods live and engaged in vandalism there.
Unable to bear this great cruelty the devas went to Kailayam and appealed to Lord Shiva.
Hearing the cries of the gods, Lord Shiva said that destroying those three demons was not so easy and that the three of them had received a great boon from me as a result of the severe penance they had done.
The gods were even more astonished to hear this answer of Lord Shiva.
They asked Eisen if there was no other way to destroy them.
Lord Shiva, remorseful for what they had done, said that punishment is created for one who uses the gift he has received to cause suffering to others. He said that Agora Astra was needed to destroy them, for which Agora had to perform penance and I had to understand this from the top of the Himalayas.
Thus penitent, Lord Shiva promised to kill the three of them by getting the Agora Astra.
But this penance can be done with the eyes open. If you keep your eyes open, it is natural for water droplets to come out.
A drop of water also came from the eyes of Lord Shiva. A drop of water from the eyes fell down and fell on the earth from the top of the Himalayas to Nepal.
The tears that fell fell round the earth and penetrated the earth and went to the underworld. Then it became a tree and spread all over the world with the seeds that grew on that tree.
Maharishis, sages, yogis and Siddhas, who realized the glory of this sacred tree, loved and wore this object which was full of the grace of Lord Shiva.
And one of the Maharishis who lived at that time, Jabali Maharishi, gave us the Upanishads in writing which can be called Jabali Upanishad or Jabalopanishad so that the common people should realize its glory.
No other costume we wear has no Vedas, no Upanishads, no Puranas. But it has Vedas, it has Upanishads, it has Puranas.
Rudraksha is the name of the grace of Lord Shiva who has all these specialties.
The name Rudraksham is a great blessing, if worn, it is a blessing beyond measure.
Rudraksha means we get this by dividing it into two.
Rudraksham = Rudran + Aksham, in which Rudran means Shiva and Atsam means eye. I.e. Sivankan, which refers to the eyes of Shiva. It got its name from the tears that came from the eyes of Lord Shiva.
It is an undeniable fact that he can wear Rudraksha only if he has grace. Wearing Rudraksha will give us God and make our life healthy and prosperous.
He is the only one who can benefit from this.
Om Nama Shivaya !!!
Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are generally mentioned as the first deities in Hinduism. It is said to be the creation of Brahma, the love of Vishnu and the destruction of Shiva.
Since the act of Shiva in this is destruction, we need not fear that Shiva is the God of destruction. And there is no such thing as complete annihilation in this world. For example wood

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