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Vastu GrihaLakshmi at Home for Wealth and Richness

Vastu GrihaLakshmi at Home 

Vastu GrihaLakshmi is a divine form of Goddess Lakshmi who is standing with a cow with a plantain background. Grihalskhmi is the special form of the goddess who removes all the Vastu doshas in the house and Goddess Lakshmi will surely bring prosperity and wealth to your homes.

What does goddesses GrihaLakshmi depict? 

 Goddesses Griha Lakshmi is the bringer of fortune and wealth. Goddess GrihaLakshmi is the bringer of the auspiciousness, she has a pot with golden coins in her hand that spills all around the house when she is coming inside and settles in the house to give fortune and good luck to the place where she is located. There are two plantains decorated with mango leaves and flowers in the doorway and the picture is such that the goddesses entering the house with a cow which is again a symbol of auspiciousness.

There are 16 types of wealth that are mentioned in Tamil that are said to prosper and sustain in the house when the photo of the Vastu GrihaLakshmi is placed and worshipped in the house. The 16 selvams include  Kalvi - Education, Arivu - Knowledge, Aayul - Longevity,Aatral - Dexterity, Ilamai - Youth, Thunivu - Valor, Perumai - Respect, Pon - Gold,  Porul - Wealth,  Pugal - Fame, Nilam - Land, Namakkal - Good progeny,  Nalloolukam - Good surrounding, Noyinmai - Good health, Muyarchi - Perseverance, Vetri - Success. 

Bringing home Vaastu GrihaLakshmi frame is sure to bring your home  prosperous life and good luck .

Where should the GrihaLakshmi be placed?

Usually, the images of Goddesses Lakshmi are placed inside the pooja room in every house. But the Vastu GrihaLakshmi photo should not be kept inside the pooja room. It has to be placed from inside on the top of the doorway as if the goddess is entering the house.

The Vastu Grihalskhmi photo frame has to be placed inside the house above the door such that it seems like the GrihaLakshmi is entering the house.

Benefits of placing Grihalakshmi at home:


Keeping GrihaLakshmi at home will give you wealth to buy your own house. If you are in a rented house or willing to buy you another house.

GrihaLakshmi brings prosperity and good luck to the house where it is kept in.

All the vastu doshas in the house can be nullified or removed by placing vastu Griha Lakshmi photo at the door step.

Health of the people will be good if the image of the Vastu GrihaLakshmi is placed above the door step.

The education of the children in the house where the vastu grihaLakshi is placed will be excellent. The students will have good memory power and concentration.

Evil eye or dristi will not affect the house in which the GrihaLakshmi  is worshipped. Goddess protects the family members of the house.

The witch craft or voodoo will not affect the house in which the vastu GrihaLakshmi is worshipped. 

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