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Who can wear a karungali and what day must it be worn


Who can wear a karungali and what day must it be worn

Karungali is a powerful devotional, medicinal and miraculous tree that can do wonders. The varied properties posed by Karungali is immense. Karungali tree is said to attract electromagnetic radiation and waves. Karungali wood is used in many places like the temple gopurams, temples idols, statues, sticks and in house old things.

Astrological significance of Karungali: 

Astrologically, Karungali is the tree for planet mars. And Karungali has the power to control the effects of planet mars. A person wearing Karungali products can be able to see the reduced ill - effect of planet mars in their horoscope. 

When and how to wear a Karungali product?

Karungali can be Worn by anyone on an auspicious day in  a good time. However, Tuesday is considered to be very auspicious, after placing it near Murugan or Vaarahi amman temple or just keeping it near the photos of deities at home. Tuesday is recommended because  Karungali is the tree for planet mars.

Who can wear Karungali

  • Karungali can be  worn by anyone from children to adults and get benefitted from it. 
  • The people with ill-effects of planet mars in the horoscope can wear Karungali Maala and get benefitted by it. The power of Karungali is such that it reduces the ill effects of planet mars in the horoscope.
  • Karungali products can be used by students to improve their memory and intellectual powers and to excel in education.
  • Karungali can be used by business people and entrepreneurs to see a great development in the business and to reap good profit.
  • Job seekers and job holders can use the Karungali to get a good job or higher positions in the carrier.
  • People suffering from eye drishti, witchcraft and other evil forces can wear.
  • Karungali products can get rid of all the negative things.
  • Karungali can be used by humans in the form of Karungali bracelets, maalas, bangles and other forms. The usage of Karungali on humans is more beneficial.

Benefits of wearing a Karungali: 

  • It helps build a devotional well being and promotes to live in the path of spirituality.
  • Karungali can reduce the malefic effects of planet mars in a person's horoscope.
  • All the deities are said to reside in Karungali and worshipping Karungali and wearing it can get the blessings from the deities.
  • Karungali can control the effects of planets Navagrahas are  and absorb the negative effects.
  • Kula Deivam, called the family deity, can be invoked and worshipped by using Karungali  products.
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