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Sangadahara Chaturthi worship to remove all the difficulties and obstacles in life.


Sangadahara Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha or lord Vinayaga is believed to be the first and foremost god who is worshipped to remove the obstacles in the new beginnings of life.

Ganesha Chaturthi is considered as the day in which the lord Ganesha was born and this day is  celebrated all over the world. Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the important festivals that is celebrated in india. There are two types of Chaturthis that fall after waxing and waning moon. The 4th Thithi  that falls after Amavasya is called Chaturthi. The 4th Thithi that falls after pournami is called the Sangadahara Chaturthi or the Sankatahara Chaturthi. 

Though the Chaturthis are special, the Sankatahara Chaturthi that falls after pournami is considered more special. It is said the curse of the moon was removed by the lord Ganesha on this day. And that is why it is called Sankatahara Chaturthi. 

Sankastahara or Sankatahara means destroyer of difficulties, hence worshipping the lord Ganesha on the day of Sankatahara Chaturthi is considered more special and beneficial to the people who are seeking the blessings of the lord. 

It is said that lord moon requested for a boon that the problems of those worshipping the Lord Ganesha on the Sankatahara Chaturthi day be removed and be successful in the new ventures. 

How to worship Lord Ganesha on a Sankatahara Chaturthi day:

On the day of Sankatahara Chaturthi day it is good to wake up early in the morning and take a clean bath and visit the nearest Ganesha temple and perform pooja archanai.

It is very auspicious and beneficial to perform fasting on the day of Sankatahara Chaturthi day.

Lord Ganesha can be worshipped in the form of turmeric, metals like gold, silver, copper ,brass and bronze, Vellerukku tree Ganesha, Karungali wood ganesha, Sphatik crystal Ganesha and also other forms.

Perform pooja and offer flowers, incense sticks ,sambrani and by lighting lamps. Offer the neivedhyam like modak, laddu, fruits, dry fruits and nuts and other favourites for lord Ganesha.

Chant the names of lord Ganesha and sing Ganesha songs to get clarity in mind and peace of mind.

One can get the grace of the lord Ganesha and get rid of obstacles and difficulties in life and be able to live a happy, peaceful, healthy and wealthy life.

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